MyFlexOffice ?

The way we consume our workspaces has changed, very quickly.
Traditional leases are no longer convenient for companies, which are looking for more flexibility and freedom.
This is why Myflexoffice was born: to offer turnkey office solutions, easy to access and available for the duration of your choice.
Discover all the advantages that Myflexoffice can offer you!


Turnkey workspaces
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Thomas Payet
Cofounder & CEO @Meilisearch
"What we really like about Myflexoffice is the fact that we arrive and all we have to do is work, we don't even have to set up the Wi-Fi. It's like coworking, except we're at our place, and that's very convenient!"
Saving time and energy
We know how much time and energy it takes to search for a workspace and oversee design and renovations. This can cause companies to overlook steps that are essential.
Myflexoffice handles everything for you
When we design and renovate your space, we’ll think about applying ergonomic principles, optimizing light, reducing noise, creating multiple spaces and adding super-functional furniture. In short, we’ll take care of everything that will make your space an inviting place to work.
No more concerns
The only thing you’ll have to worry about before moving in is whether you should decorate your office with a cactus or a candle. And, yes, we can handle that for you too.

Flexible, customizable spaces

We take care of everything, with your input.

It’s essential to build your employer brand and create a sense of belonging, which is why we work closely with our clients to define every single detail of their future workspaces.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Want to get set up quickly and don’t have any particular requirements?

We’ll design the space in the most efficient and inviting way to give your employees the comfort they need to be productive.

Have a specific idea of what you want?

We’ll work together to outline your needs and wants for a workspace that fits you. And we’ll set it up in a fully renovated space equipped with ergonomic, stylish furniture.

All spaces at Myflexoffice are private.

This means you won’t have to share common areas with another company. And you can decorate your space however you want. In other words, this is YOUR home.

Make office management a thing of the past

Facility management is included in our contracts

Another way we support your growth is to manage the entire space for you to eliminate any facility hassles.

Each of our spaces is serviced daily and we handle all maintenance, including emergency repairs, cleaning, waste management and office management. Everything is included and managed directly from your client portal.

Have an emergency? Need something specific? Your dedicated customer success manager is available to support you throughout your time at your Myflexoffice workspace.


À la carte Myflexoffice hospitality management services

Transforming your workspace into an inviting place to be also includes hospitality management services such as event organization, breakfast delivery, waste sorting, coffee machine management, etc. All these options are available in Myflexoffice contracts.

Need a particular service for a certain timeframe? No worries: you can subscribe to services and cancel them whenever you want.



Benefits of Myflexoffice serviced offices
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Fanny Forgeot
Executive Director @Yogosha
"What we appreciate with Myflexoffice since the beginning of our partnership is the ability to choose all the services we want to put in addition to "just" the offices. Being able to easily choose, add and stop these services according to our needs: the 'à la carte' formula is particularly nice."
Understanding companies
It means more than just providing the right space for their business.
It means offering a solution that fits their financial situation. And because business real estate shouldn’t restrict your growth, we’ve minimized the investment required to access our office spaces, and thus the impact on your finances.
No bank guarantee required. No move-in fees. No hidden fees.
And you can move to a larger or smaller space within the Myflexoffice portfolio based on your needs, at no extra cost.

This is also what keeping pace with companies looks like.