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If you are a dynamic company looking for office space in the capital of gastronomy, Myflexoffice certainly has the right space for you, in the best areas of Lyon: Presqu'Île or business district, to each his own.
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The dynamism of Lyon

Lyon, France's second largest city behind Paris, is home to a large number of companies: small and medium-sized businesses that are starting up, but also large head offices that are sometimes located on the outskirts of the city. Renting offices in Lyon allows companies to benefit from the excitement of a dynamic city, while enjoying a more peaceful atmosphere than the capital.
Between the historic districts of Vieux-Lyon, passing through the more chic streets of the Presqu'Île, and finally arriving in the booming business district of Part-Dieu, everything is done to facilitate the installation of companies in the heart of the city.
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The charm of the capital of gastronomy

The city of Lyon is known for its architectural charm, and its many historic and atypical buildings offer excellent spaces for businesses.
There are also many outdoor areas with balconies and terraces, which make the workplaces even more comfortable. Whatever the size or location, Myflexoffice offers a wide range of possibilities for companies to find the office of their dreams, at an attractive rent, thanks to service contracts that include all office management.
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The city on the move like you

The city continues to evolve and is becoming increasingly attractive. As the second largest university town in France, Lyon is home to an increasingly qualified workforce, which makes it a prime location for companies.
Joining Myflexoffice means giving your company the opportunity to evolve freely, and no longer feel constrained by its offices: needing more space? Or a desire to reduce the surface area? Myflexoffice's flexible contracts give the occupants of its offices a free choice of duration.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Renting office space so easily can be surprising. So we're sure you've got lots of questions for us. Feel free to check out our full FAQ!
All our spaces are independent and reserved for one company. There are no shared common areas. All our clients have their private spaces and can also customize them to fit their identity.
Yes, because this is your office! You have several options:
  • We handle customization work: before you arrive, we create a detailed plan of work to be completed. You can then tell us about any additional requests, which we’ll review and quote.
  • You manage work yourself: feel free to customize your space however you see fit. Just return the space to the same condition it was in before you arrived.
We automatically assign you a customer success manager when you move into a Myflexoffice space. Let them know about any requests or needs so they can assist you. Our Myofficemate team provides a wide range of services designed to improve life in your office.
Our goal is to offer clients long-term support and workspaces that suit each stage of their development, so we make it fast and easy to move to another one of our spaces without incurring additional costs.
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