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M2DG rises to 9th place in the Growth Champions ranking from Les Echos

Les Echos Week-end has unveiled the Champions of Growth 2022 ranking, carried out in partnership with Statista. This ranking reveals 500 French companies showing strong dynamism. Among the criteria, the organic growth or the turnover between 2017 and 2020, the independent character of the structure or the French establishment were evaluated.
M2DG, an independent French company specializing in office real estate, has reached the 9th place of this prestigious ranking. Thanks to its 3 brands with complementary and virtuous offers, Myflexoffice, Mymood and Myofficemate, the company aims at facilitating the access to corporate real estate, improving the performance and the well-being of the employees, while relieving the company managers of these energy-consuming tasks. M2DG Group wants to accompany companies towards the transformation of offices into real places of life, collaboration and experience. It contributes to design the "Future of Work" by transforming the usual patterns of work in companies, already impacted by the current evolutions induced by the health crisis. A solution that therefore makes sense for companies.

"Since its creation in 2016, the M2DG group has been growing steadily. The real estate market, shaken up by an economic world in full effervescence, continues its deep mutation, and this is confirmed by the increasing attraction of companies for our value proposition. This demonstrates our real added value in this market. Between 2020 and 2021, we have almost doubled our office space in Paris, from 12,000m2 to 22,000m2, and for the last 5 years, we have doubled our turnover every year: we end 2021 with a turnover of €10M (vs. €6M in 2020) and project a turnover of €20M by the end of 2022. All this without any fund raising or external capital entry in the company.
It is therefore a real pride that M2DG is positioned at the 9th place of the 500 Champions of Growth according to Les Echos Week-end and Statista, and this gives all the teams even more motivation and energy to try to keep this place for another year" quotes Denis Granger, founder of M2DG.
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M2DG – Myflexoffice among the 100 fastest growing companies in Europe

The Financial Times and Statista have published the 6th edition of their FT1000 "Europe's Fastest Growing Companies", unveiling the 1,000 fastest growing European companies over the period 2017-2020. A large-scale ranking which, based on company data and other public sources, identified companies according to specific growth criteria such as a turnover of at least 1.5 million euros generated in 2020 or the independent nature of the companies.
With a growth of 1,667% over the period 2017-2020, M2DG Group, an office real estate specialist, climbs to 64th place in the ranking with its brand Myflexoffice. In its category of so-called service companies, the company is listed as the 6th best performing European company in terms of growth.

And M2DG Group intends to continue this crazy growth: at the end of the year 2021, the group's turnover reached €10M, with forecasts for the end of 2022 close to €20M. A beautiful and promising progression on the office market, both in France and internationally with the development of Myflexoffice across the Atlantic. This is a new step for the group, which continues to evolve and prove its expertise.

"This dazzling growth shows the ever-growing interest of companies for more flexible and less restrictive office solutions. And this is true regardless of their size: startups, SMEs, large accounts... Our innovative solutions echo a change in corporate real estate strategies, which is a reality today, and will be even more so tomorrow. This recognition of our dazzling growth is a pride, and an additional reward for all the teams who work relentlessly to make M2DG Group a success" quotes Denis Granger, Founder of M2DG Group.

M2DG Group, an independent French actor, reinvents the experience on the work place, thanks to its 3 brands with complementary and virtuous offers. With the objective of facilitating access to corporate real estate, improving flexibility at work, performance and well-being of employees, the company claims an approach centered on the human being and the needs of organizations and employees. The aim is to support these companies in transforming their offices into real places of life, collaboration and experience. Working on the design, the layout, the renovation, the equipment and the provision of workspaces with Myflexoffice and Mymood, M2DG goes even further with Myofficemate by proposing a real turnkey support service for the daily life of companies, listening to the employees in order to promote their comfort and well-being.