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Myflexoffice workspaces are located in the most popular areas of Miami: Downtown, Wynwood, Brickell... Find the ideal Myflexoffice for your company to take advantage of all the best that the Sunshine State has to offer.
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Myflexoffice location bureau Miami attractivite

The attractiveness of Miami

Miami is emerging as the new technology hub of the United States. More and more tech giants are setting up shop in what is described as the new technological city of the United States.
Startups, SMEs, large companies... all rent offices in Miami in their preferred areas. This privileged city allows employees to take advantage of the constant hustle and bustle of the city, and the presence of many shops and restaurants.
Myflexoffice location bureau Miami quartier eclectique

Eclectic neighbourhoods to rent offices in

Renting office space in Downtown Miami means setting up shop in the city's historic business district: large modern buildings, eco-neighborhoods, easy access by transportation... All of these criteria make it the district of choice for many companies.
Others will prefer the eccentricity of Wynwood or Brickell, two neighbourhoods in full mutation that attract young tech companies looking for atypical offices.
Myflexoffice location bureau Miami charme latino amercain

The Latin-American charm

Colourful buildings in the Art Deco style, a warm, summery atmosphere all year round... companies looking for atypical offices are sure to find the office that suits them.
Regardless of the location and the size of the office space required, Myflexoffice assists companies in their search for the right office space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Renting office space so easily can be surprising. So we're sure you've got lots of questions for us. Feel free to check out our full FAQ!
All our spaces are independent and reserved for one company. There are no shared common areas. All our clients have their private spaces and can also customize them to fit their identity.
A service contract makes it possible to quickly move from one space in our office portfolio to another, based on your company’s needs. These workspaces adapt to your company, not the other way around. Our goal is to help and support companies as they grow or change. Clients in our spaces receive full support, including customized services, daily support if the need for intervention or repair arises on the premises, network access, regular cleaning and utilities. This saves time and gives companies peace of mind.
All services are included in the monthly rent:
  • Daily maintenance: our facility and hospitality management teams oversee all facility maintenance and handle emergency situations as necessary. A cleaning team regularly comes through to keep the premises clean.
  • Utility charges for water, internet, electricity, gas and maintenance of common areas.
  • All taxes related to the space: property, waste, etc.
Our goal is to offer clients long-term support and workspaces that suit each stage of their development, so we make it fast and easy to move to another one of our spaces without incurring additional costs.
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