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Garantme moves in Le Bonaparte

The insurtech Garantme, founded by Thomas Reynaud and Emile Karam, has trusted Myflexoffice since 2019.
And for this 3rd consecutive office with Myflexoffice, Garantme decided to make it big.

A real turning point for the Parisian company, as this new 1,200 sqm space illustrates the company's development strategy.
Myflexoffice loue des bureaux a Yogosha 3

Yogosha sets up its business at Myflexoffice

"What we appreciate with Myflexoffice since the beginning of our partnership is the ability to choose all the services we want to put in addition to "just" the offices. Being able to easily choose, add and stop these services according to our needs: the 'à la carte' formula is particularly nice." - Fanny Forgeot, Executive Director of Yogosha

Go to l’Appart des Victoires with AZMed

Meeting with Julien Vidal and Alexandre Attia, two of the three co-founders of AZmed.
The medical imaging specialists have entrusted Myflexoffice by joining l'Appart des Victoires, a parisian-apartement-like space, completely fitted out according to their needs.