At Myflexoffice, we know what startup companies need and the things that get in their way. And it’s clear that traditional leases are far from a good fit for startups or SMEs looking for agility.

That’s why Myflexoffice was founded: so that promising companies could easily access office space without huge financial burdens and easily change spaces at no cost as they grow or change.
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Each company has a need Myflexoffice has a solution

Office space in the best areas

Rather than providing offices, our mission is to offer inviting spaces in neighborhoods that are popular with startups and dynamic companies.

Lively and trendy neighbourhoods
The majority of our office space is located in the center of Miami, Paris and Lyon: Downtown and Wynwood in Miami, the third arrondissement in Lyon, the ninth and tenth arrondissements in Paris and the Silicon Sentier neighborhood in its second arrondissement. They’re all packed with innovative companies, so they’re great places to develop partnerships.
Location, a decisive factor
Location is a decisive factor for talent, who pay close attention to their company’s address these days. Younger generations typically look for companies near where they live, to the detriment of offices in the suburbs. This is a significant component of your employer brand that can’t be overlooked. That’s why we prioritize workspaces in the most central city neighborhoods.

Space that fits your needs

Finding office space isn’t an easy task and the hardest part is often to determine specifications that fit your needs.

Companies who’ve just launched, who are looking for their first office space or are seeking to adapt to new ways of working have a harder time determining their optimum square footage or workstation capacity. That’s why Myflexoffice experts help companies develop their specifications to give them real insight and ensure their search is informed by their actual needs.

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Unique, customizable spaces

The real added value that comes from choosing a Myflexoffice space is the ability to combine the comfort and services of a coworking space with the independence of a traditional office.

The ability to customize your office to fit your company is essential for creating a sense of belonging in a place that feels like YOUR space. That’s why our teams of developers and designers work with companies wanting to move into one of our spaces to customize their offices however they want.

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Even as a unicorn, you will have enough space with Myflexoffice

Contracts designed for the startup and SME realities

Do you have time constraints?

There’s no flexibility when leasing a traditional office. And this arrangement isn’t appropriate for growing companies who don’t know what size they’ll be tomorrow. That’s why we offer service contracts so that our clients are free to choose the length of their contract.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to offer spaces that keep pace with a company’s growth, not the other way around. Companies can easily move to another space in the Myflexoffice portfolio based on their needs, with no hassle. We’ve supported several startups from their incubator days until their move into entire buildings with several floors. Among these gems are some companies who became unicorns.

We take care of everything!

And we offer more than just flexible contracts. We know that dynamic, growing companies are strapped for time and our goal is to make sure that office management isn’t a tedious task requiring large investments of time and money.


Turnkey spaces

That’s why we do our best to help you save both money and time at Myflexoffice.

Saving time
We save you time by managing all tasks related to searching, renovating, servicing and maintaining an office space.
Un gain d’argent
We save you money by reducing the impact of your workspace on your finances. There are no hidden fees, expensive moving costs or furniture to purchase.
If you’re looking for office space and want to learn more about our packages, our team is at your service.