We don’t beat around the bush here

Questions about the contract

All our spaces are independent and reserved for one company. There are no shared common areas. All our clients have their private spaces and can also customize them to fit their identity.
All our spaces are offered under service contracts. This way, our clients aren’t locked into traditional rental agreements and can choose the length of their contract, from six months to several years.
A service contract makes it possible to quickly move from one space in our office portfolio to another, based on your company’s needs. These workspaces adapt to your company, not the other way around. Our goal is to help and support companies as they grow or change. Clients in our spaces receive full support, including customized services, daily support if the need for intervention or repair arises on the premises, network access, regular cleaning and utilities. This saves time and gives companies peace of mind.
You need to advise us of your departure three months in advance.

Cost Issues

All services are included in the monthly rent:
  • Daily maintenance: our facility and hospitality management teams oversee all facility maintenance and handle emergency situations as necessary. A cleaning team regularly comes through to keep the premises clean.
  • Utility charges for water, internet, electricity, gas and maintenance of common areas.
  • All taxes related to the space: property, waste, etc.
We want to make real estate accessible to everyone by minimizing the impact on company finances. We don’t require a bank guarantee, demand guarantee or personal guarantee. We only require a deposit equivalent to three months of rent.


Yes, because this is your office! You have several options:
  • We handle customization work: before you arrive, we create a detailed plan of work to be completed. You can then tell us about any additional requests, which we’ll review and quote.
  • You manage work yourself: feel free to customize your space however you see fit. Just return the space to the same condition it was in before you arrived.
We automatically assign you a customer success manager when you move into a Myflexoffice space. Let them know about any requests or needs so they can assist you. Our Myofficemate team provides a wide range of services designed to improve life in your office.
Myflexoffice has created our community program so that all of our client companies can meet and have discussions during organized events and develop commercial synergies.


Our sales team can help you find office spaces with a traditional lease. We suggest you take advantage of this because it will help you avoid unpleasant surprises that you may not have been able to detect. In addition, all our services are offered à la carte and you can use them independently of the office spaces we offer. They include architecture, design, renovation, facility management, employee services and more. Feel free to get in touch with your Myflexoffice representative.
Our goal is to offer clients long-term support and workspaces that suit each stage of their development, so we make it fast and easy to move to another one of our spaces without incurring additional costs.