Renting office space in Downtown Miami means being located in the most dynamic business district of the city. Between large modern buildings, and more historical buildings, the district in deep change attracts more and more for the living environment it offers.
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The new US technology hub

Florida is attractive for many reasons, and the post-pandemic period has taken its toll on Miami's attractiveness. A large number of companies are moving from the West Coast to what is already defined as the Technology Hub of the United States. This makes it one of the most attractive cities to rent office space in Florida.

An eco-friendly neighbourhood

Downtown Miami is undergoing extensive restructuring to make urban areas more pedestrian-friendly, also creating meeting places with trendy restaurants and bars flourishing along the streets.
The aim is to create a greener neighbourhood, where car use is increasingly reduced in favour of greener transport.
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Between modernity and tradition

The Downtown Miami area reflects the history of the city: Miami City Ballet, Florida Grand Opera, Pérez Art Museum... this city within a city gathers the most important cultural points of Miami. At the same time, ultra-modern skyscrapers and renowned shopping centres, as well as the mythical American Airlines Arena, intermingle to form the recognisable skyline.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Renting office space so easily can be surprising. So we're sure you've got lots of questions for us. Feel free to check out our full FAQ!
A service contract makes it possible to quickly move from one space in our office portfolio to another, based on your company’s needs. These workspaces adapt to your company, not the other way around. Our goal is to help and support companies as they grow or change. Clients in our spaces receive full support, including customized services, daily support if the need for intervention or repair arises on the premises, network access, regular cleaning and utilities. This saves time and gives companies peace of mind.
All services are included in the monthly rent:
  • Daily maintenance: our facility and hospitality management teams oversee all facility maintenance and handle emergency situations as necessary. A cleaning team regularly comes through to keep the premises clean.
  • Utility charges for water, internet, electricity, gas and maintenance of common areas.
  • All taxes related to the space: property, waste, etc.
Yes, because this is your office! You have several options:
  • We handle customization work: before you arrive, we create a detailed plan of work to be completed. You can then tell us about any additional requests, which we’ll review and quote.
  • You manage work yourself: feel free to customize your space however you see fit. Just return the space to the same condition it was in before you arrived.
We automatically assign you a customer success manager when you move into a Myflexoffice space. Let them know about any requests or needs so they can assist you. Our Myofficemate team provides a wide range of services designed to improve life in your office.
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