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Renting offices in Lyon 1 means being in the heart of the capital of gastronomy. With its typical architecture, shopping streets and remarkable monuments, Lyon 1 offers exceptional office rentals.
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    Myflexoffice location bureaux a lyon dynamisme de la metropole

    The dynamism of the 1st

    The Lyon City Hall is surely the most impressive building in the city. From our offices in Lyon 1er, this monument that has crossed the centuries will guarantee you a breathtaking view and a permanent dynamism on the busy Place de la Comédie. The nearby Croix Rousse district hosts a large market every day around its trendy wine bars and art galleries, attracting a dynamic and varied population.
    Myflexoffice bureaux a Lyon capitale de la gastronomie

    A district with a very particular charm

    Undeniably, it is the Opera of Lyon that gives Lyon 1 its charm. It is distinguished by its refined architecture and the large number of visitors each year. Also, the Halles de la Martinière, located in the heart of Lyon's 1st district, encourages innovation with its grocery store and its eco-responsible counters. Finally, renting offices in Lyon 1 means choosing a district with a new charm that is conducive to development.
    Myflexoffice location bureaux lyon ville en mouvement

    A neighborhood on the move like you

    Many companies have set up shop in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon. It is the ideal district to take advantage of the city's effervescence, in a village atmosphere in some places, and a large metropolis in others. Lyon 1er is a district full of opportunities. The perpetual movement found there allows any company that sets up there to evolve in a space conducive to professional development, and, of course, to success.
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