M2DG and YouGov study highlights what French workers expect from their offices

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Employees Still Attached to Offices According to Latest M2DG x YouGov Study

A new, more hybrid digital style of working has sprung up over the last two years. The boundaries between home and office have never been so thin. But what do employees think about these changes? M2DG and its Myflexoffice brand recently unveiled a study on the connection between French employees and their offices, conducted in collaboration with YouGov.* Despite the COVID crises, the study highlights that employees in France (still) have a big place in their hearts for their office workplaces. Let’s take a closer look at their priorities and concerns when it comes to office design.

Are workers satisfied with their current workspaces?

The majority of employees (68%) say they’re satisfied with the offices and shared spaces their companies provide.

However, it’s important to note that a quarter of respondents (25%) are NOT satisfied. This could be related to slow transitions at some companies or a lack of consideration for the issues that arise from extensive remote work. In the current context, companies need to be aware of this issue and make a transition to improve employee wellness via office layouts tailored to their needs.

Is office design a significant factor for employees looking for a new job?

The work environment appears to be an important factor for employees and candidates, with 80% of respondents saying it made an impact on their decision about a new position. This was even more pronounced among 18- to 34-year-olds as 87% of them described this as a deciding factor.

Do employees have higher expectations of their companies when it comes to sustainable development and CSR?

In a time when the environmental crisis is part of our everyday lives and employees must decide how to reduce their environmental impact, offices and their design have a role to play. And there are lots of solutions!

Study participants agreed, with 62% saying they would feel more motivated to go to their workplace if it had a positive impact on the environment.

What are the top five essentials according to study participants?

#1: Access to different spaces like meeting rooms, kitchens, eating areas and relaxation areas is most important for 51% of workers.

#2: Cleanliness and proper maintenance comes in second for 50% of them, heightened by the pandemic.

#3: Access to a private office rather than an open space arrangement comes in at third place for 49% of respondents.

#4: Availability of innovative digital technology like video conferencing equipment and smart boards or access to an Office 3.0 experience for 30% of participants.

#5: For 27% of respondents, comfortable spaces for meetings (such as rooms for creating and brainstorming) are key and improve life at the office, especially after successive lockdowns.

What factors motivate employees to return to the office when remote working is so widespread?

#1: For 43% of people surveyed, access to workspaces designed for discussions and collaborations with colleagues or for working solo were the main motivation, especially for women (48%), compared to 38% for men.

#2: Access to a comfortable and enjoyable workspace where they feel at home is essential for 24% of workers.

#3: Access to practical facilities like showers or nap rooms are an additional motivator for 13% of French employees, with men being the most interested in these features (17% compared to 9% among women).

At the same time, less than half of workers (48%) said they’re satisfied with their home office setup and the equipment provided for working remotely. This study also revealed that a third of French employees (33%) don’t work remotely.

What are the top three elements that workers want in the workplace of the future?

 #1: For 47% of those surveyed, the main element is more energy efficient equipment, such as systems that automatically control lights, heating and cooling, etc.

#2: In second place comes good air circulation with next-gen air purifiers for 46% of employees.

#3: In third place, 30% of them want a system that disinfects offices.

In fourth place, 20% want virtual reality equipment so everyone can gather in the same space. Finally, facial recognition systems to make entering facilities easier and safer comes in fifth with 17%.

When it comes to the office of the future, the metaverse is a divisive topic:

Nearly half of those surveyed (47%) are not currently interested in talking with their colleagues and participating in work meetings in the metaverse (a virtual 3D space), especially while working remotely.

At the same time, 40% of them are interested in this, particularly those in the youngest age ranges. It’s clear that this technology will become more popular in the professional environment, although it’s still a bit early to know exactly what form it will take.


*This study was completed with a representative sample of 1010 working people aged 18 and older in France. It was conducted online from March 29 to April 5, 2022 with YouGov France’s proprietary panel.


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