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The 9th arrondissement of Paris is known for its charm and elegance. The office rental there is therefore in its image: distinguished and chic. Between the gastronomic restaurants and the historical monuments, Paris 9 is enough to persuade you to move into its offices.
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    The dynamic business district

    It is within Paris 75009 that you will discover excellence. The Chaussée-d'Antin, the city's 34th administrative district, is home to a large number of renowned companies. Proximity to the Saint-Lazare train station, easy access by metro, streets that are both commercial and intimate... so many assets that give this district a certain dynamism, which continues to attract large and small companies to rent offices there.
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    Unbeatable Parisian charm

    Known for its numerous theaters and concert halls, the most famous is surely the Folies Bergère, making this neighborhood a lively place for activity. Not far away, the famous Faubourg-Montmartre district attracts a lot of people with its numerous passages and bars for afterworks between colleagues.
    The peaceful Rochechouart district contrasts with the liveliness of the previous one. This district is synonymous with excellence, notably with the Cité Napoléon and the Parisian high schools. Renting an office in Paris 9 is therefore the ideal location to work between dynamism and serenity. And for those who would not be closed to proposals, discover our office rentals in Paris 2 south of the 9th district.
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    A neighborhood with two faces

    Littered with chic and intimate neighborhoods on one side, and electric alleys on the other, Paris 9 is the district adored by companies in search of dynamism. Many start-ups and large companies have chosen to live here. The supply of offices even exceeds the supply of housing, and this perpetual movement allows you to evolve freely: thanks to Myflexoffice, you can change offices for bigger or smaller in a snap of the fingers. It would be a shame to do without it!
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