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Known as the most chic district on the left bank, the sixth arrondissement of Paris stands out for its mix of culture, history and modernity. Office rental in the 6th arrondissement is attracting more and more companies and Myflexoffice offers turnkey solutions to those wishing to set up there.
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    The chic district of the left bank

    The most famous district of Paris 6 is without any doubt Saint-Germain-des-Prés. This Parisian mecca of luxury commerce is of a dynamism that cannot be beaten by the other Parisian districts. Moreover, the Odeon district and its Greco-Roman theater dominate Paris 6 and make the district a place to live in as long as renting offices is a pleasure.
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    Parisian charm par excellence

    Renting offices in Paris 6 means working in a breathtaking setting. The Jardin du Luxembourg offers a break from the hectic pace of work, or for those who can't get enough of it and want to jog during their lunch break. Paris 6 is also home to the splendid Passerelle des Arts, linking the neighborhood to Paris 1.
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    A neighborhood as dynamic as you are

    If entrepreneurship is a challenge, it is because it requires determined men and women. The growing influx of small and large companies in Paris 6 makes it a district full of opportunities.
    The perpetual movement found there allows its tenants to evolve in a space conducive to professional development, and, of course, to success. This district, which does not know the crisis, is without a doubt a significant security to put your suitcases in our spaces.
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