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Renting office space in the 17th arrondissement of Paris is ideal for those who love neighborhoods that move and change. With its multitude of urban spaces, shops, restaurants and trendy bars, Paris 17 has long been a favorite neighborhood for large companies, startups and communication agencies looking for something atypical.
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Arc de Triomphe

A neighborhood with a distinct atmosphere

What drives the renting of offices in the 17th arrondissement of Paris is this mix of atmospheres, which blend perfectly in a very high traffic area. This district is home to the prestigious Place de l'Étoile, and the lively Ternes district is just a few steps away. Not far from there, the Plaine-de-Monceaux and its green park in the middle of Haussmann buildings. And further north, there is the Batignolles district, which has undergone a profound transformation and is now home to many trendy restaurants and bars.

The grandeur of the 17th

It is without a doubt one of the largest districts in the capital, and this is evident in the multitude of offices that it houses. From large office spaces near the Avenue de la Grande-Armée to more confidential spaces near Malesherbes, both large and small companies can find what they need. The proximity of the Palais de Justice and the architectural renewal near the Pont Cardinet contribute to the attractiveness of this area of the capital.
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The city within the city

The 17th arrondissement of Paris is so large that it offers a multitude of small village-like neighborhoods. This is what attracts and seduces. With the extension of line 14, and the other lines already present, Paris 17 is easily and quickly accessible from the center of Paris and is already a well developed business district. The architecture is rich and if entrepreneurship is a challenge, it is because it requires determined men and women. And for those who would be left behind and in search of more animation we also offer office rentals in Paris 18.
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